Materials for needle-free injection technology Hits:2018-12-18


    In a recent article issued by our raw material provider Covestro, a subsidiary of Bayer, in Medical Design and Outsourcing and in Drug Delivery Business News, it reports the needle-free injection technology and the application of their material, Makrolon Rx1805 polycarbonate, in this technology. It emphasizes that we have made a strict control on product quality from the very beginning of raw materials. 

    We keep several points  in mind, which are important for all needle-free injection device material selection:

  • Lipid resistance (drugs in lipid emulsions can degrade polycarbonate materials, so it is important that selected materials can withstand lipids).

  • Resistant to radiation sterilization (to ensure high productivity and efficiency during the device manufacturing process).

  • Because these devices are in direct contact with the human body, it's important that they are biocompatible and comply with multiple requirements of ISO 10993-1.

  • Accuracy in molding size, and ability to maintain stability under different application environment.

  • A consistent and reliable global supply of the material.


    For more details, please see the article:

Medical Design and Outsourcing_Materials for needle-free injection technology_ What you need to know.pdf

Drug Delivery Business News_Materials for needle-free injection technology_ What you need to know.pdf

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